Kitchen Entree

Entrees Served w/ Miso Soup, Garden Salad, and Steamed White Rice.  Substitute White to Brown Rice Add $2.

Udon Noodle

  • Noodle soup with vegetable, egg, chicken, and shrimp tempura.

  • 19.50

    Noodle soup with shrimp, crabstick, and mixed vegetables.

  • Noodle soup with fish cake and mixed vegetables.

  • Salmon, shrimp, scallop with mushroom in creamy garlic sauce.

  • 14.95

    Shrimp & Vegetable tempura with noodle soup

  • 16.50

    Stir fried thick udon noodles with chicken, beef, or shrimp

Yaki Tori Grill

Delicious skewers in teriyaki sauce. Two skewers per/order

Yaki Tori Combo

One per item, five skewers total.

  • One piece each of: Chicken, Beef, Bacon Scallop, Shitaki Mushroom, Green Pepper.

  • One piece each of: Shrimp, Squid, White Tuna, Asparagus, Seasoned Tofu.